Are you tired of being tired?

Would you rather be calmed, relaxed and positive under any circumstance?

Are you tired of not being rewarded for your efforts? Boss, partners, children even friends seem to take a lot more from you than you get back.

Do you count the days to the weekend? Relish the idea of Friday night wine o’clock? Only to then spend Sunday night feeling dull or annoyed about the idea of Monday morning starting all over again…

Well, you are not alone.. big incentive, isn’t it?

Join us for the full programme or for one session and you’ll leave refreshed and with a new perspective.

We know our day-to-day life is hard, it can feel ungrateful and small things can take us off the track. Many days we are just not the person we really want to be.

That’s why we have prepared a life changing programme. It’s not about changing careers (but it can be if you choose to), it’s not about giving up everything to go travelling (but it can be if you choose to), It’s more about understanding how to deal better with every day life, how to make a difference in yourself, your loved ones and the people around you.

Our programme is designed to help you learn how to be calmed and stay calmed, how to relax at the end of the day, how to keep positive. Most importantly, you will understand and how to help other people around you to be calmed, positive and happy.


Sessions2 Dates
Session 1: Celebrating you 24th January 2016
Session 2: Your winning strategies 6th March 2016
Session 3: Going the Extra Mile
(values and beliefs)
24th April 2016
Session 4: Our real goals and dreams 22nd May 2016
Session 5: The best you 26th June 2016